The myth of finding your passion


On the Myth of Finding Your Passion

Are you often concerned that you don’t know your “passion” yet? It’s alright, most people don’t. In this piece, Olga Khazan emphasizes that most passions are “developed”, rather than “found’ in a lightbulb moment. “There is the “fixed theory of interests”—the idea that core interests are there from birth, just waiting to be discovered—and the other is a “growth theory,” the idea that interests are something anyone can cultivate over time.” In reality, most of our interests are cultivated over time. It’s ok not to know what you’re born to do or what your calling is — you have the rest of your time to figure it out. Remember, your journey will look different from your siblings or your friends. The good thing is, you get to shape your experiences. So make it the best for yourself. The Atlantic.

On Looking for Remote Work

As summer internships and jobs fall through due to the pandemic, there still are many companies looking to hire or contract workers. On this site, you can find listings of hundreds of remote work opportunities, ranging from internships to full-time jobs, across industries, all geared towards college students and recents grads. But the competition is more fierce than ever — which is why we companies like Sage Corps, and Experience Lab exist — we build trusted relationships with companies and cut through the endless back-and-forth between students and managers. Still, take a look at these entries, polish up your resume and portfolio, and give it a go! Remote Students.

On How To Have Better Conversations

Face-to-face conversations can be hard to come by these days. Whether on the phone, over Zoom, or in person, most of us could practice better conversation skills. We tend to talk more than we listen. And we are often too eager to offer our perspective rather than truly listen to the other person’s narrative. In this video, Radio host Celeste Headlee shares ten useful tips on how to have more meaningful, productive conversations, from asking open-ended questions to avoiding comparing someone else’s experience with your own. At Experience Lab, we believe in the power of sharing and storytelling, and a huge part of that stems from having thoughtful conversations. Watch this video, practice these skills during your next conversation, and see if you can contribute and glean more from your conversations than you did before. FB link (3min). Full TED Talk (12min).