We are living through history


On Companies That Are Hiring Now

Yes, it’s a challenging time for many businesses around the country. Don’t be discouraged if your current job, internship, or interview is on hold, know that they are also doing the best they can. Instead, send them a gracious email. A gesture of goodwill and understanding can go a long way. At the same time, certain companies -- ecommerce, food delivery, and video communication platforms -- are seeing a surge in demand and are looking to quickly expand their workforce. In this article, Alexandra Sternlicht shares details about companies such as Amazon and Zoom that are hiring right now. Be sure to check it out! Forbes.

On How to Maintain Physical and Mental Wellbeing

Quarantine got you down? Fret not. There are many measures you can take at home to relieve some anxiety and also get in your recommended daily exercise. In this article, Anna Goldfarb shares resources on home activities such as yoga, meditation, as well as H.I.I.T. (high-intensity interval training) workouts. I have personally loved this 30-minute kickboxing and conditioning workout. You might too! Also, depending on the rules set by your state and your city, you might find it helpful to go for a 20-minute walk while catching up with a friend on the phone. Remember, you are in charge of your wellbeing, mental and physical. By practicing proper social distancing and making sure you stay healthy and active, you are doing yourself and your community a big favor. Ready. Set. Downdog. New York Times.


On How We Are Living Through History
Reviewed by Experience Lab Alum and Teammate: Stella Cai

The year 2020 will be studied in history classes as the year when everything changed, for almost everyone in the world. In my (many) moments of panic and anxiety over the past two weeks, I take a moment to step back and tell myself that I am living through history, along with all of my friends and loved ones. And what we do (and not do) during these times will determine the course of history, for better or for worse. And that’s really powerful. I was not old enough during the SARS epidemic (I was living in China at the time) or even 9/11 to fully understand the impact of the events. Now I am able to fully process the myriad of chain events that are happening around me, as well as my place in them.

In this article, the author interviews various leaders in academia on the ways in which the COVID-19 pandemic will change the world, from the way we practice religious worship to the rise of telemedicine, from the ways we express affection to the way we vote. As we are still in the midst of a global crisis, we cannot yet fully understand all of its societal impacts. But I am optimistic. Tragedies such as this will prompt deep reflection and restructuring. As a human society, we are constantly evolving, and more change is yet to come. POLITICO.

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