Listening well and dealing with stress


On Dealing with Worry, Stress, and Anxiety

Are you feeling worried, stressed, or anxious? We’re with you. In the midst of a global health crisis and personal transitions, it’s perfectly normal to have these feelings in the back of our minds. In fact, being able to recognize and identify these feelings is the first step to dealing with them in a healthy manner. In this article, Emma Pattee writes about the subtle differences between our feelings of worry, stress, and anxiety, and offers tips on how to cope with them so they don’t consume our thoughts and affect our productivity. “Here’s the takeaway: Worry happens in your mind, stress happens in your body, and anxiety happens in your mind and your body.” New York Times.


On the Art of Listening

We are always told to speak our minds and to make our voices heard. While self advocacy is important, especially as you begin to launch your professional career, we tend to overlook the significance of being a good listener. In her article, Kate Murphy writes about how we can shape our questions and responses in our daily speech to create more meaningful conversations. Sometimes, being a good listener is just as important as being a good speaker, “Listening well can help you understand other people’s attitudes and motivations, which is essential in building cooperative and productive relationships." Take note of the way you speak, listen, and engage with those around you. You might just gain more meaning and value out of your relationships. New York Times.


On Remote Working and Learning

With many companies and schools across the country moving to remote working and online learning, yours is probably no exception. In this piece, Matt Mullenweg offers tips on how to stay productive while working remotely: adopting clear, written communication across the board and shifting to high-quality video-call platforms such as Zoom. With positive attitudes and clear communication and management, remote working and learning will not compromise productivity levels. If anything, people might even be more productive as they shift to working in more personalized environments. “If you assume positive intent and place trust in your coworkers and employees—knowing that if they do great work in an office they can do great work anywhere—then you will all succeed.” If you’re on spring break or traveling home, stay safe and healthy. Matt Mullenweg.


Quote For The Week

“When I was a boy and I would see scary things in the news, my mother would say to me, 'Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.'” – Fred Rogers