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On Startups Actively Hiring During Covid-19

You might not think any companies are hiring right now during this global pandemic, but in fact, many are looking to bring in new talent. I came across a great resource on LinkedIn, where over 150 startups around the country are hiring, from engineering roles to marketing roles. And you should be actively applying. But before you apply, make sure to update your resume and LinkedIn profile with your most recent skills and qualifications. A good headshot never hurts either. Remember, be proactive. Submit your application early and be sure to follow up. We’re rooting for you. Startup Hiring Spreadsheet.

On Cultivating a Healthier Lifestyle

Working or learning from home? There is no better time to learn and adopt healthier life habits than right now. As we find ourselves with more time on our hands, we can use this time to examine our daily habits and decide how conducive they are to our productivity and wellbeing. In this article, Danny Forest makes a list of what you can say “no” to in various aspects of your life, from relationships to productivity, and how to do it. He also references insightful books and quotes should you want to delve deeper into a specific subject, such as how to spend less time on your phone, how to keep a healthy work-life balance (especially important now that most of us are working from home) and how to develop and maintain positive relationships with the people in your life. I’ve found this to be amazingly insightful. You might too. Medium.

On Counting Your Blessings during this Challenging Time

Yes, there are many reasons to be complaining right now. We don’t have our normal routines, can’t see our friends or our love interests. And we don’t know when this is going to end. Times may seem bleak, but there are also many reasons to be grateful. Our ability to practice social distancing safely in our homes is a privilege in itself. Think of all those around the country and the world who don’t have access to a safe home or running water and soap to wash their hands. As Northeastern University Professor David DeSteno once said, “when people [open doors] for us, we feel gratitude, making us want to pay people back, and pay it forward to other people.” In this podcast episode of The Happiness Lab with Dr. Laurie Santos, learn more about how you can harness the power of gratitude to stay grateful during this time. And keep playing it forward. Listen on Spotify.