The benefits of reading before bed


On the Benefits of Reading before Bed

We all know reading is good for us, but it might be especially beneficial during this uncertain time in our lives. Bill Gates is a longtime advocate of this bedtime practice. Studies also suggest that drifting off with a book can make you less stressed, more well rested and empathetic, and maybe even richer! When quarantine began over a month ago, my stress over my career, company, and personal life went through the roof and I found myself too anxious to focus on any of the books I had lying around the house. Now, I have slowly become accustomed to my new routine that’s allowed me to start reading again. I am currently reading Sapiens by Yuval Noah Harari. I only read a few pages each evening, but the practice has been calming and enjoyable. I also keep my phone charger away from my bed so that once I plug it in, I’m done for the day. So tonight, try putting your phone further away from you and picking up that book that has been sitting by your bed for weeks now. Sweet dreams. Inc.


On Creating Value and Assets During the Recession

If you’re in college or a recent graduate, apart from the 2008 recession (which you probably felt through your parents), this is likely your first personal experience of a recession. Understandably, many of you are worried about your future. You are certainly not alone. In this piece, Australian blogger Tim Denning writes about the important financial concepts to educate yourself on such as inflation v. deflation and how investor psychology works. He explains how wealth is transferred in a recession, and the difference between financial assets in the form of stocks and bonds and personal assets such as your worldview, network, and life experience. Take this time to build up your personal assets. Learn another language or start writing or making music. The more you nurture your personal assets, the more they will benefit you in the years to come. LinkedIn.