On Reconnection


On Reconnection

Whether you have been quarantined at home with family members or with a romantic partner, this pandemic has likely brought strain to your relationships. Many of us are spending many hours online everyday, causing us to feel ever more distant from our loved ones. In this piece, Esther Perel offers advice and tips on how to reconnect with those around us, beginning with asking some hard questions. I found this to be one of the most insightful takeaways, "Know that one of the most powerful ways for people not to feel deeply alone is for them to feel listened to." If any of your relationships are feeling strained, try to actively reconnect with those you care about and those who care about you. Esther Perel.

On "The Look"

Created in 2019, "The Look" is a two-minute video created by Procter & Gamble that uses historical references and contemporary scenes to highlight the everyday  bias experienced by Black people, particularly Black men, in America. Pay attention to the powerful telling of many instances of racial bias and microaggression portrayed in the short video. If you are someone who does not face these challenges on a daily basis, you probably know someone who does. It is not enough to simply not be a perpetrator of bias and discrimination. We must also actively call out and stand up against all forms of discrimination. Our society deeply needs changes, and it starts with you and me. Youtube.

On Journeys

I (Stella) am going through some personal transitions this week. I’m moving from Chicago to New York, leaving behind my friends, community, and a relationship that has meant a lot to me during the past five months of quarantine. I’m trying to take in this moment in my life and in the world at large. This poem by Mary Oliver reminds me that our journeys are our own, despite our many cherished friendships and relationships. Each of us are going through transitions of various sorts, and I hope this helps you find some beauty in change and impermanence. "The Journey" by Mary Oliver.