Graduating in a pandemic


On Making Good Decisions during Bad Times 

Like many of you, I have personally had to make difficult decisions during the last few months. And there will likely be more to be made. Our bodies and minds do not respond well to stress — it fogs the mind. In this article, Amy Kan offers a few tips on how to recognize your anxiety and fear and how to avoid letting those feelings negatively influence your decision making process. Sleeping on your decisions, thinking about your values, applying logic, and trusting your gut are some of the ways to make better decisions that are positive and productive for yourself in the short term and the long term. Give this one a read. And then actively practice these healthy decision making habits. Fast Company. 


On Tips on Landing a Job during Lockdown

Yes, companies are still hiring. In this article, Arianne Cohen emphasizes that “It’s important to remember that there is hiring happening. There’s always attrition and individuals leaving for other jobs.” She also offers a few tips on how to make your resume stand out, how to assess your prospects, how to strategically reach out to recruiters, and how to build and grow your network. The most important tip, of course, is to remember to not give up. Each of you are equipped with unique talents and skills. You just have to find the best way to communicate your skills and passion to the employers who are looking to hire. Bloomberg Businessweek. 


On Graduating in a Pandemic

Many of you have recently graduated through virtual ceremonies - congratulations. Don’t panic, this may not be the best year to be graduating, but there are opportunities out there, you just have to know where to look. In this article, Alina Selyukh shares the experience of this year’s college grads, many of whom with the question “How can I market myself in a way that makes me appealing as a candidate, so much so that people are willing to hire me now, even though they are financially struggling?" Yes, many industries are seeing layoffs, but some are actually hiring. She references advice from experts, “The current situation is going to impact industries in different ways. Bright spots include communications, consumer products, biotechnology, medical supplies and logistics.” Give this a read, and you may just find the hope and advice you need to embark on your job search and land yourself a great offer. You’ve got this! NPR.