Finding Your Mentors & Supporters


As recent graduates, you may feel like you need to do it all alone. That's what university often teaches you...your papers, your grades, and your class standing are all independent of—or in competition with—others. 

Of course you're going to feel like success has to come from only you and no one else. But the truth is, much of your ability to find fulfilling jobs, work with companies you love, and grab onto opportunities will come from the people you know and the relationships you build. That's why at Experience Lab we are such big proponents of networking and relationship building, because we know that it's the one thing you aren't doing enough of that might be what propels you to your future.

We want to help you build your crew. But where do you start? We've created a tool to help you map out your current relationships based on roles that we think will help you in your career growth. This support system will be the key to your professional development, helping you unlock potential opportunities and open doors for you that you would have otherwise not had access to. Have roles unfilled? Use this tool to help you categorize potential mentors, supporters, and crew members so that you can acknowledge their strengths in your relationship building. As you begin to map out your support system, you'll be able to better utilize your network and build upon the already placed building blocks of your friendships, mentorships, and work relationships.

Building Your Crew Worksheet

As you work towards your career goals, always remember that doing it alone is much harder than doing it with support.