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  • Dear College Student

    Dear College Student 03/22/2020 This Article was Originally published on LinkedIn by Victor Saad You’re supposed to be on spring break, or planning a summer internship, or preparing for your final months at college. Maybe your family has booked their travel for graduation and you were right in the middle of interviews for your …

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  • Listening well and dealing with stress

    Listening well and dealing with stress 03/15/2020 On Dealing with Worry, Stress, and Anxiety Are you feeling worried, stressed, or anxious? We’re with you. In the midst of a global health crisis and personal transitions, it’s perfectly normal to have these feelings in the back of our minds. In fact, being able to recognize …

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  • Good decision making and your first paycheck

    Good decision making and your first paycheck 03/08/2020 On Making Good Decisions The older we get, the more decisions we have to make for ourselves, which can often lead to anxiety and stress. From choosing our outfits in the morning, to what to have for lunch, to whether to move to another city to …

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  • Introducing Sunday Letters

    Introducing Sunday Letters 03/01/2020 Hey Friend, I know, I know. It’s (probably) not Sunday, but bear with me for a moment. This is a quick introduction to something that might make your week just a little better. Here’s the scoop. Sunday Letters is a new weekly curation of the top 3 articles/resources for navigating life after …

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