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  • Graduating in a pandemic

    Graduating in a pandemic 05/31/2020 On Making Good Decisions during Bad Times  Like many of you, I have personally had to make difficult decisions during the last few months. And there will likely be more to be made. Our bodies and minds do not respond well to stress — it fogs the mind. In …

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  • The myth of finding your passion

    The myth of finding your passion 05/24/2020 On the Myth of Finding Your Passion Are you often concerned that you don’t know your “passion” yet? It’s alright, most people don’t. In this piece, Olga Khazan emphasizes that most passions are “developed”, rather than “found’ in a lightbulb moment. “There is the “fixed theory of …

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  • The definition of productivity

    The definition of productivity 05/17/2020 On Our Three Main Desires These days, we find ourselves with a seemingly unending list of questions with no answers. Even when an answer does come, we brace ourselves for how it will change. Last week, I wrote about how this pandemic is testing our shared human desire for …

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  • Choosing love over fear

    Choosing love over fear 05/10/2020 On Finding Introspection During Isolation For many of us, time has begun to lose its meaning. Days are blending together as we stay at home week after week to help flatten the curve. In this piece, Scott Galloway shares that you can take this time to practice self introspection. …

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  • Networking during isolation

    Networking during isolation 05/03/2020 On How to Actively Network during Isolation Quarantine does not have to mean the end of networking opportunities. In fact, there are many things you can and should be doing from your homes if you are job searching. In this article, Leigh Goessi recommends three ways to actively network during …

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  • Rebuilding our future and rethinking higher ed

    Rebuilding our future and rethinking higher ed 04/26/2020 On Rebuilding Our Future Many of us around the country are looking at at least another month in quarantine, and many of us are questioning how we got to where we are today? Why did we not prepare therapies or vaccines for a novel coronavirus that …

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  • The benefits of reading before bed

    The benefits of reading before bed 04/19/2020 On the Benefits of Reading before Bed We all know reading is good for us, but it might be especially beneficial during this uncertain time in our lives. Bill Gates is a longtime advocate of this bedtime practice. Studies also suggest that drifting off with a book …

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  • Tips on closing the network gap

    Tips on closing the network gap 04/12/2020 On Closing the Network Gap As it turns out, merit and hard work are not enough for a successful career — the strength of your professional network is also key. In this piece, Chris Cancialosi highlights the factors that influence a person’s network: where you grow up, …

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  • Companies actively hiring now

    Companies actively hiring now 04/05/2020 On Startups Actively Hiring During Covid-19 You might not think any companies are hiring right now during this global pandemic, but in fact, many are looking to bring in new talent. I came across a great resource on LinkedIn, where over 150 startups around the country are hiring, from …

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  • We are living through history

    We are living through history 00/00/0000 On Companies That Are Hiring Now Yes, it’s a challenging time for many businesses around the country. Don’t be discouraged if your current job, internship, or interview is on hold, know that they are also doing the best they can. Instead, send them a gracious email. A gesture …

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