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  • Embrace Negative Emotions

    Embrace Negative Emotions 08/23/2020 On Embracing Negative Emotions We all enjoy and seek out positive emotions such as love, joy, and often adrenaline, but negative emotions such as grief and loss are also essential fabrics of life. In fact, psychologists have found that feelings such as sadness and even depression can bring cognitive benefits, …

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  • On Reconnection

    On Reconnection 08/09/2020 On Reconnection Whether you have been quarantined at home with family members or with a romantic partner, this pandemic has likely brought strain to your relationships. Many of us are spending many hours online everyday, causing us to feel ever more distant from our loved ones. In this piece, Esther Perel …

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  • On fighting for redemption

    On fighting for redemption 08/02/2020 On Fighting for Redemption This is the essay that John Lewis wrote shortly before his death on July 17th. Having fought (non-violently) his whole life for the ideals of the Civil Rights Movement and served three decades as a public servant, his death comes as the country grapples with …

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  • Job search rules to break

    Job search rules to break 07/26/2020 On Job Search Rules You Should Break Now While rules can be good and helpful, some can be outdated and sometimes even inaccurate. This applies to the rules that you’ve probably heard when it comes to job searching. In this piece, Gwen Moran highlights 7 common job search …

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  • Getting unstuck

    Getting unstuck 07/19/2020 On How to Get Unstuck  Life is full of change and transitions. In the past few months, all of us have gone through transitions in our lives, whether you’ve graduated college, moved home to quarantine with your families, or started or lost a job during the pandemic. Transitions can feel unstable …

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  • Expressing allyship

    Expressing allyship 07/12/2020 On Unmasking College Students’ Inequalities As the pandemic unfolded, students on college campuses were forced to leave campus and return home to finish their semesters online. But students attending the same college returned to very different homes. In this piece, Nicholas Casey tells the stories of a few students at Haverford …

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  • What’s worth doing?

    What’s worth doing? 06/28/2020 On Remote Work Market Map Since quarantine began in March, students have taken to completing their semesters online, and essentially 100% of knowledge workers and 58% of the US workforce have been forced to work from home for the last 3 months. The future of work is changing, and as …

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  • On Juneteenth

    On Juneteenth 06/21/2020 On Juneteenth On Friday, the African American community celebrated Juneteenth, which marks the emancipation of the last slaves in America in 1865. With the backdrop of recent nationwide Black Lives Matter protests, this year’s Juneteenth was especially significant. In this special feature, Veronica Chambers highlights the various ways in which freedom …

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  • Birthday reflections

    Birthday reflections  06/14/2020 On 34 Lessons From Being 34 I turned 35 last week. Every year, around my birthday, I look back and write lessons I learned (or re-learned) throughout the year. This little practice is mainly just for me, but I thought you might find them helpful too. I find that so much …

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  • Restoring American values

    Restoring American values 06/07/2020 On Art That Confronts and Challenges Racism Art can often be one of the most powerful forms of protest and self-expression. From the music of Nina Simone to the words of James Baldwin, there is much to be learned through the songs and writings of African American artists. This week, …

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