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  • Finding Your Mentors & Supporters

    Finding Your Mentors & Supporters 3/24/2021 As recent graduates, you may feel like you need to do it all alone. That’s what university often teaches you…your papers, your grades, and your class standing are all independent of—or in competition with—others.  Of course you’re going to feel like success has to come from only you …

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  • A Small Step Towards Each Other

    A Small Step Towards Each Other 10/25/2020 On What to Ask During Your Job Search As you navigate your job search, you might be focusing on the position you’re applying for rather than the culture of the company as a whole. It turns out that the culture of a workplace greatly shapes our happiness and …

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  • Grow Your Happiness

    Building Your Happiness 10/18/2020 On Growing Your Happiness Sometimes, happiness seems illusive. Rather than waiting for something to make you happy, here are a few ways to curate happiness for yourself. 1. Acknowledge your thoughts. When you’re having negative thoughts, if you tell yourself to stop thinking about them, chances are you will think about it …

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  • Building Emotional Intelligence

    Building Emotional Intelligence 10/11/2020 On Building Emotional Intelligence When an aspect of our lives is not going well, we tend to do things such as overthink and overwork, which are counterproductive to our mental wellbeing. Nick Wignall writes, “improving your emotional intelligence is often about what you do less of, not more of.” Here are a …

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  • Check in Mindfully

    Check in Mindfully  10/04/2020 On How to Check In Mindfully All of us need emotional support from our friends, now more than ever. But how can we show up for a friend if we already know that they’re not doing great? Anna Goldfarb offers a few tips when checking in with a friend. 1. Look …

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  • Start Saying No

    Start Saying No 09/27/2020 On How to Start Saying No I (Stella) recently moved to New York, started grad school and a new part-time job. I have been finding myself overstretched with my time and energy, between balancing, work, school and my social life. I’ll admit, the core behind this problem is that I …

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  • Listening as An Act of Love

    Listening as An Act of Love 09/20/2020 On Listening as An Act of Love As people, we crave to be heard. But we don’t always listen. In this hour-long podcast, StoryCorps founder David Isay shares the lessons he has learned from listening to others tell their stories, people from his father to complete strangers. …

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  • Successful Resume Writing

    Successful Resume Writing 09/13/2020 On Resume Writing Are you having trouble with writing your resume? In this piece, Mary Halton shares tips on how to make your story stand out to recruiters and employers. She reminds us that tailoring your resume to each job you apply for, writing succinct but descriptive summaries, and noting …

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  • Create a World You Want to See

    Create A World You Want to See 09/06/2020 On Creating A World You Want to See During his SAG Award acceptance speech in 2019,  Chadwick Boseman was asked “Did you know that this movie was going to make a billion dollars?” Speaking alongside his fellow colleagues and actors, this was his response, “We all …

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  • Lessons from Life and Writing

    Lessons from Life and Writing 08/30/2020 On Lessons from Life and Writing Right before turning 61, Writer Anne Lamott shares her wisdom on life, truth, family, writing, God, death, and more. I found it particularly poignant and insightful. You might too. Here are a few of my favorites: “Life is filled with heartbreaking sweetness, …

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