Networking during isolation


On How to Actively Network during Isolation

Quarantine does not have to mean the end of networking opportunities. In fact, there are many things you can and should be doing from your homes if you are job searching. In this article, Leigh Goessi recommends three ways to actively network during this time: keeping up with your existing network through platforms such as LinkedIn, building new relationships through networking emails, and seeking out virtual, informal, and free networking events on platforms such as Eventbrite and Meetup. You are likely to find that people are eager to connect during this time. The Washington Post.

On Rethinking the Value of Your College Education

We know that as college students, many of you are facing challenges from having to return home and live with your families to disappointments such as cancelled graduation ceremonies, to uncertainties of finding a job for the summer or post graduation. Everyone is frustrated and no one has clear answers. Students just like yourself around the country are banding together to demand answers as college administrators scramble to keep their students happy and satisfied with the university’s respective plans regarding end-of-school-year activities as well as reopening plans in the fall. In this piece, college professor Masha Gessen collects stories and writings from college students around the country on how the pandemic has turned their worlds upside down, and how they are dealing with it. The New Yorker.


On Creating Solidarity from Solitude

Speaking on the phone with friends, colleagues, and loved ones, I’m hearing the ways in which so many of our lives have been upended in the past few months. And it’s painful, scary and lonely all at once. It’s easy to feel alone in our state of despair and uncertainty, but please know that you are never alone in your feelings. In this episode on NPR’s Morning Edition, selecting bits and pieces from readers’ submissions, poets Kwame Alexander and Rachel Martin read a crowd-sourced poem beginning with the words, “What I’m Learning About Grief.” I found deep solace in the writers’ words and the readers’ voices. I’m reminded that despite our physical separation, we are all in this together. Listen on NPR (7 min).